HEALTHVIENNA  - a  sample of activities as part of the GREET  - picks out as a central theme infrastructural investments to health and social services. The HEALTHVIENNA contains a discussion panel, a lounge in the Networking Area and a Linking Session, an
interactive working meetings in small groups with keynote speeches, where idividual interests will be fulfilled.

The HEALTHVIENNA is created in cooperation  with the medicalconsutants academy.

Drivers for investments in medical and welfare sector

In short
Panel discussion with international experts out of insurers, owners, investors and operators of healthcare and welfare real estates.

Target Audience
Owners, investors and operators of healthcare and welfare real estates; Bank companies, insurance companies, developer, town planers.

Key Words
Investment, international networks, healthcare and welfare real estates, politics, taxpayers.

Within a country the relationship between acting branches and institutions is tensed but clear. There are coming out more difficulties to find the adequate communication channels for contacts and contact persons abroad. Especially as system works different in each country. The panel discussion contributes to clarify diverse dilemmas, players in healthcare and welfare real estates have to face.

Dr.Marijan Gjukić

Cross-Border-Healthcare-Directive as Chance for Investments

In short
Linking Session about the topic upcoming business chances from the new Cross-Border-Healthcare-Directive of the European Union.

Target Audience
Owners, investors and operators of health and welfare facilities; Banks and insurance companies, developer, city planners.

Key Words
Linking Session, investment, Cross-border-Healthcare-Directive, rights and obligations, payment of services abroad, health tourism.

Since 25.10.2013 therapies and other medical services within the European Union have to be paid from domestic sick funds. This directive opens new windows of opportunities for health facilities and self-employed healthcare professionals but also for investors and insurance companies. After keynote speeches of each involved representative of insurance companies, operators and owners of healthcare and welfare institutions business chances will be worked out at round tables. Exchange of results across all branches will follow immediately afterwards with enough time to discuss and possibility to speak to investors directly. All participants will get a hand-out of the results.

Mag. Petra Reinbacher - Gjukić plus one of each representing insurer as well as operators and owners of health and welfare facilities.


Necessary till 10.04.2014 - Be aware: limited number of participants

other topics:
„Meet the Money – Meet the Expert“
“Case Report – Geriatric Centre Rab – for and against investment in Croatia”



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