Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe (CEE & SEE) - here is a large, dynamic economic region with vast opportunities for the international real estate industry.

While we all know about CEE and SEE we must not lose sight of individual countries and their uniqueness. Each country, city and region offers entirely different opportunities for developers and investors.
Real estate is equally heterogeneous considering the different property uses such as hotels, offices, residential buildings, shopping malls, logistics properties etc.
Austria is a major investment partner for many countries in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe. What better venue than Vienna to host GREET Vienna, a setting for the Austrian real estate professionals and a platform for East and West.

Target Group

Decision makers from all areas of international real estate including:

- Cities, regions and communities
- Project developers
- Banks and financers
- Investors and investment companies
- Property managers
- Building promoters
- Facility managers
- Operators
- Brokers
- Solicitors
- Auditors and tax consultants
- Evaluators
- Urban planners and developers
- Tenants and end users
- Service providers
- Consulting companies
- Architects and planners
- Professional associations

…and many more


Conference Program

Learn how international investors establish their portfolios and which CEE and SEE markets and types of use are currently attractive. International experts will provide you with market overviews from a global perspective.          more      



GREET Vienna is built on two pillars that will guarantee its continued success.
The concept was developed to enable individual networking, exhibition and conference presentations all in a single venue.



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