Global Real Estate & Economy Talks
Platform for commercial real estate and investments in CEE/SEE, Russia, CIS and Turkey

19 Mai 2013: 13-18 ; followed by the evening-event
20 Mai 2013: 10-18
Palais Niederösterreich, Herrengasse 13, 1010 Vienna, Austria

GREET Vienna stands for "Global Real Estate & Economy Talks". It is to provide an international platform for commercial properties and investments in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe (CEE & SEE)  including Russia, Turkey and CIS. Here is where potential and existing players in international real estate meet.
While GREET Vienna primarily focuses on real estate markets in CEE and SEE it also seeks to open two additional windows.  Being “Global“ it wants to attract participants from the world over who are taking an interest in CEE and SEE and want to invest there. By the same token as an "Economy" event it aims to address other business sectors not necessarily linked to real estate but which are also doing or are interested in doing business in this sector.  

GREET Vienna wants to provide a platform for introducing expert knowledge and establishing new contacts. The concept was developed to enable exhibition, individual networking and conference presentations all in a single venue.
Palais Niederösterreich with its historical architecture sets the stage for just that. The venue’s sophisticated environment is perfect for one-to-one meetings.



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